On History’s Inability to Dictate Our Future

For every person who’s said that they would come back to Detroit once things were “better,” we are here to help hold them to their word. In fact, we are here to go one step further and call them to be a part of the upswing instead of simply waiting for things to plateau. We are choosing to enable accountability instead of be bound by the results.

My Detroit Diaspora: Out of Place, but Not Out of Hope

I share my story not to discourage anyone from moving back to Detroit but actually to encourage the exact opposite. As I stated at the outset, the story of how my decision to come back here pretty much ended my engineering career before it even got started epitomized everything wrong with the state of Michigan in the previous decade. Conversely, my story and others like it illustrates the unquestionable truth that entrepreneurship and shared vision will revitalize the city of Detroit well before an influx of new and different industries will (as vital as they are). Collective collaboration will revitalize our communities.

On Why the Detroit Diaspora Speaks to Me

We are a diaspora, and nothing says that we cannot become connected in meaningful ways that will shape the future of our city – no matter where we may currently call home. I love it, and I will do my best to be a part of the solutions that we can create. What about you?